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Welcome to the Season 5 of MWML Podcast and to the Episode 50

I know that some of you have started the year 2020 with big fat juicy goals, aspiration and desire you want to accomplish this year and the next decade but I also know that for some you, this is an excruciating exercise. You are not sure about your dream or how to articulate it in a way that it becomes your driving force in life.

When we talk about doing meaningful work and creating a meaningful life, you got to know what that looks like for you.

One of the reasons we don’t get joy, satisfaction in our work or in our life is that we often play small.

We set a small goal we can achieve and as soon as we realise that small goal, we have to find a new goal to keep us going; and sometimes we get stuck and until we find something meaningful enough to hang on to.

What if instead, we had a big dream; a dream so big that it scares us; a dream that will take a while to come to pass? This is what I invite you to do with me at the beginning of this year 2020.

You’ve heard that the best way to predict the future is to create it. My goal in this episode and this season is to help you find and articulate your dream, something that is going to fire you up for the next 5-10 years.


Why am I so passionate about helping you dreaming again?

Because I’ve experienced this search personally. I was busy working that I lost my dream, I lost my vision, and I lost my ‘Why’. Last year I went through a deep internal work to reconnect to my why and find a new sense of direction with a renewed dream!

If you have found your why and you don’t keep it in front of your eyes, and remind yourself every single day why you do what you do, life will get in the way; and before you know, you’ll forget it. And find yourself wandering in the wild.

I want to help you dream again and connect to that sense of possibilities because I have been there too, I’ve suffered and found a way out. That’s why I am passionate about helping you get out of your box and connect to your highest possible dream.

When I lost my dream, it was so painful to go on and feel energised by what I was doing that sense of void is unbearable. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.


My dream to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs to reconnect to their inner identity and find their Unique Position in today’s marketplace and from there radiate their light on others and change the lives of thousands and millions.

A dream brings a spiritual aspect, a creative element in our life – without it, we feel a sense of void and emptiness. Like I did experience it.

We also feel that void when what we are doing is not our creation. This is why we may enjoy what others have created but don’t find full satisfaction with them.

The dream I am inviting you to have has nothing to do with daydreaming. It’s not an abstract or fuzzy concept, but it’s about solving a problem; a big problem that needs a solution; solving a pain that a lot of people have that is not being addressed.

What Is Missing Around You?

What is missing in your industry? What frustrates you the most in life? I provide great insights on this in the Pillar 1 in the book Personal Branding in the digital age.

  • What is the great result you want to see if the world?
  • Ask yourself this: – ” Wouldn’t that be great if …. “
  • if you were to create something that gives you so much joy, what would it be?
  • Make a list of what angers you the most in life
  • So what is that bigger dream you have that has been hidden for so many years?
  • What would you do right now if you knew you couldn’t fail?

The great leaders of our time have all been at the forefront of a movement. But nothing happens until someone person has an idea.

Some ideas may seem crazy or impossible first, but with determination and passion, they can come to reality and more:

Martin Luther King had a dream of ending racial inequality

Muhammad Yunus had a dream of seeing poor women in Bangladesh empowered economically

Bill Gates had a dream of seeing a computer in every household in America

Malala has a dream of seeing all the girls access education


Why Aren’t We Dreaming More?

We are not dreaming because we are caught up in ‘what is’ rather than ‘what could be’.

We are busy looking outwards for the answer, but the answer is never out there; all the external things are distractions! Finding your dream comes from the internal side.

You may not feel you can or deserve to dream. You have been passive and let years go by when you should be enraged. Or you may think what if this dream is plain stupid and people laugh at me? Well, all I can say is that for all the great leaders I mentioned earlier someone called them crazy in the past; someone laughed at them, there was all kind of hardship but they strongly believed in their dreams and made it happen, the rest is history.

How long will you keep playing small and shy away from your greatness? I invite you to start dreaming again

  • Take a walk in a park or a beautiful surrounding,
  • Sit still
  • Do things you enjoy, sing, play music
  • Read your favourite novels
  • Keep dreaming until something reveal itself

Keep a daily journal and write every day what your dream is until you feel you may be holding it.


Ready to start dreaming again in 2020?


Share in the comment below what is your dream. If you have any difficulty to find it or articulate it, schedule a call to discuss.


Action points

What is your key takeaway from this episode? What are you committed to do today to find more meaning in your work and live a more meaningful life? Share your thoughts below.

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