People who believe in your vision are more likely to join forces with you to carry it forward. But you have to share your vision – Francine Beleyi


As we are starting the new year 2020, it’s a great time to reflect on your past goals, your wins and what you’ll like to achieve in the year ahead. The Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast is a great place to stop by to get inspiration and strategies to apply immediately in your life.

In today’s show, I am highlighting the best of 2019 with the top 7 most downloaded episodes throughout the year. You’ll hear short clips of the full episodes that you can listen again. Each of them contains a special message to get you started this brand-new decade with renewed goals, aspirations and dreams that you want to accomplish.


Top 7 Most Downloaded Episodes of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life Podcast in 2019

#23 A Digital Platform to Change the Identity of a Nation Through Storytelling with Hodan Nalayeh

#24 The Power of Your Story to Influence and Impact Others with Celinne Da Costa

#25 Changing The Perception of Science and Engineering With Roma Agrawal

#27 Creating a Better Future Through More Wisdom with Dr Bruce Lloyd

# 35 The Law of Intention with Naomi Sesay

#38 You Can Choose Again with Catherine Ord

#39 Do What You Love That People Value with Michelle Clarke


I hope you’ve loved this selection of the top downloaded episodes of 2019. There are so much more episodes equally full of wisdom, inspiration and practical action steps.

A big thank you all my inspirational guests for contributing to this show. If you have a compelling and inspiring message and actionable strategies you’d like to share, apply to be a guest on the show.  


Action points

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