We really have to act now because the world we live in is becoming a lot more unequal . Dr Jess Wade


Welcome to season 4 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now!

In this season, I am breaking things down more specifically and featuring guests who are giving you practical techniques and tools to live a more meaningful life. My aim is to bring a very practical dimension to our conversation around the 3 Ms: Meaning, Money and Movement and decrypt the science of achieving happiness in life.

The season 1 focused on Meaning and sharing with you the inspirational journey of my guests to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life. They’ve shared very openly their journey towards living a meaningful life and also great insights and practical tips across a wide range of subjects.

The season 2 was about Money matters and just me sharing some of the key learnings I’ve learnt so far and what prevent us to get paid for what we’re worth.

The season 3 focused on Movement and featuring some inspiring people who are leading or are part of impactful movements

I am excited by this new season and with the great line up of guests I am sure you will love too.  If you haven’t listened to these previous seasons, go back after you’ve listened to this episode to check out the previous episodes.

About Dr Jess Wade

Some people read a book, enjoy it and hopefully take some notes to improve their business or their life. Most people simply forget what they’ve read after a while.

But a few are so impacted by what they’ve read that they decide to stand up and do something to change their life. This was the case with Dr Jess Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London turned into a prolific Wikipedia editor. Her life has changed over the last few years thanks to the book ‘Inferior’ by Angela Saini.

“For a long time, I felt I was too small and insignificant to do anything that was impactful,” she says.

Jess is now called a ‘one-woman powerhouse’! She is a scientist on a mission. She wants every woman who has achieved something impressive in science to get the prominence and recognition they deserve – starting with a Wikipedia entry.

Listen to the episode to our fascinating conversation to find out:

  • How she struggled a lot with maths but end up being a scientist
  • Why she thinks she is the least useful doctor in her family
  • What a day in her life looks like
  • How to become a Wikipedia editor
  • What to do about the lack of support that affect the confidence of women to pick science subject
  • How she combats the impostor syndrome to reach higher goals
  • How to build the case to get powerful people in the conversation to support diversity

And much more…

Action points

What is your key takeaway from this episode? What are you committed to do today to find more meaning in your work and live a more meaningful life? Share your thoughts below. 

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