Whatever you’re struggling with today you can overcome it. Struggles happen to us because it’s God’s way of trying to teach us how to gain strength in our own lives.


Find out how a little refugee girl from Somalia in Canada turned out to become the voice of Somali community with millions of views on YouTube.

Hodan Nalayeh, the founder of Integration TV shares her transformative journey to become the social media powerhouse that she is today. She shares refreshing positive content from Africa and is captivated by the power of stories to change lives. 

In this inspiring conversation, Hodan shares how her father, a respected governor who was living a great life in Somalia flew his country to land in Canada and started over his life as a parking lot attendant.

She evokes her first dream of becoming a journalist at a very young age that she couldn’t pursue, as being raised as one of 12 kids didn’t leave much room to pursue her creative ambitious. But many years later after leaving corporate America, she realised her dream.

Going through a painful divorce changed her life in many ways and woke her up spiritually as she tells how this experience gave her the strength to transform her life.

Hodan also shares why she thought that Somali diaspora lacked a sense of identity and why she has decided to share positive stories of her community go back to live in Somalia. She let us inside the reality of running a media company and what it takes to succeed and tells why it’s important for Africans to tell their stories and adopt the digital technology to do so.

Hodan believes that our stories matter. “So many of us live behind our stories, it’s time that we live in front of our stories,” she says.

If you are going through any hardship at the moment, this story will inspire you as Hoday says: ‘give yourself as much as you give to the world’. 


Action points

What was your key takeaway from this episode? What are you committed to do today to find more meaning in your work and live a more meaningful life? Comment below. 

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