The greatest currency in the digital age is having a significant community that cares about what you do!


Welcome to introductory episode of the Season 3 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast. In this third season, I am going to put a strong emphasis on the third M, Movement of the 3 key themes of this podcast: Meaning, Money, and Movement.

In a hyper-competitive landscape improving your products or services only no longer cuts it! People want to dream, to be enchanted by what you offer, they want more than simply a function….

Whether you are a start-up trying to get your product out there or an executive looking to attract great talents or a professional looking to get the attention of recruiters, how are you ensuring that you are building something bigger than yourself or your company that people can dream about and want to be part of?

In the season 1 of the show, my guests shared their transformative journey to get where they are now, the impact of their work on their clients or audience but they also shared their vision and hope to impact more people and the movement they are building or they wish to build.

Courtney Kirschbaum is on a mission to build a movement of entrepreneurial job seekers who know their value and want to find their place.

Tanya Tarr wants to build a movement around people learning and deepening their negotiation technique.

Penny Power is looking to build a movement of loving, caring and supporting business owners.

And me? I am on a mission to build empowered leaders who know how unique they are and step fully in their strength to impact positively their community.

In this episode I share:

  • The difference between building a movement and creating a community
  • How to go about creating an engaged and thriving community
  • Why you should think about creating your own community
  • The single strategy that the most famous platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, YouTube and Facebook have used to take over the world and how you can use the same to build your own following
  • How to create a sustained engagement in your community beyond ‘likes’ and passive comments


Action points

This is what I’d like you to focus on after you’ve listened to the episode.    

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