The shift you are looking for will come through action!

Today I am continuing with Money issues that prevent us to live the life we want and focus on internal issues and often unconscious stuff that we may have around money all our lives without really paying attention to. If we are not aware of what those issues are and take action to address them, we will never get paid what we deserve.

You may be someone who have worked for a long time for great companies. You have had good jobs but feel that your contribution is not recognised or valued as much as you’ll love; your value is often questioned, you struggle to juggle life and work and feel you are giving your all but are nowhere near what you thought you’d be today.

You feel your contributions are masked, your ideas are minimised or hi-jacked and your seat at the table you rightly deserve constantly rocks. But every day you show up in good spirit, do your best and try not to compromise your values. But no matter what you do the accolades you deserve never come your way – However you refuse to settle for less but feel you have exhausted all the options you tried to get to that place where you will be finally recognised. So what is happening?

Listen to this episode where I talk about:

  • The 5 mindset issues that rob you from the life you want and the solutions we can find to burst these issues
  • Two key symptoms of fears, how they manifest and how to learn to identify them and take control
  • Why awareness is the first step to achieving our goals
  • 5 empowering thoughts to combat any negative thought around money
  • Why the clearer and the closer we get to our purpose, the more we are able to control our fear

If you would love to talk your issues through and solve them much smarter and a lot sooner, I can help you …. Book a call now.

What is one of the toughest money issues you are struggling with right now that is preventing you to live a meaningful life? Comment below 




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