Life satisfaction is not about what I can get but on what I can give.

Today I have the great privilege to discuss with Andrew Priestley, business leadership coach, entrepreneur, business strategist, speaker, author & publisher. Andrew specialised in helping people build character, professional happiness and fulfilment.

He tells me how he transitioned from being a teacher to become a peak performance coach and the bumpy journey it took to get there. 

As a psychologist he explains the Science of Well-being and what really make us happy and shares how he became comfortable in his own in skin in his forties.

He also explains that doing meaningful work is actually doing grown-ups work; not adult work. He also shed some light on how super successful people set their priorities and how struggling people have this order backwards.

He provides master tips on how to articulate your value to others and provide a great framework to do so. He provided a lot of peak performance hacks and how it all starts with awareness.

Andrew believes in family values and grounded leadership for a fulfilled life. He gives practical tips to refuel your spirit as well as your body and how to slow down so you can speed up.

You are literally in for a treat in this thought-provoking conversation to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life!

Key points discussed 

  • Why we aren’t satisfied with our current situation because of the judgement call we make
  • Why people are afraid to make a choice in life and the 3 things that need to occur to achieve meaning
  • Why we don’t really see things when you’re too close to what you’re good at,
  • Why servant leadership, helping others, making an impact in other people’s lives is a great way to do meaningful work
  • How to find the entry point of our wider contribution to the world
  • How to perform without putting so much pressure on ourselves
  • And much more

Now, let’s listen to this insightful conversation with Andrew Priestley


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