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Today I am discussing with Nadia Mensah-Acogny, co-founder and COO of Acosphere, a journalist and columnist for Forbes Afrique. She edits the annual list of the 100 most influential women in Africa. Nadia is passionate about gender matters and sits on the Advisory Council of the Women in Africa Initiative.

In our conversation, Nadia shares why she decided to leave her job in the realm of power to co-create the consulting firm Acosphere with her husband and offers some insights on how to make it work when working in couple.

This is the first time that I am interviewing a couple, husband and wife, and it was great to hear their take on meaningful work and meaningful life. In the next episode you will hear my insightful conversation with the husband, Gilles Amadou Acogny.

She shares how she finally took the time to discover who she was at 50, how her childhood exposed her to different cultures and enabled her to speak 9 languages.

Nadia believes that we need to dream, dare and be resilient in life. She wants to be remembered as a catalyst, the person who helps you discover who you are.

Key points discussed 

  • How and why you should listen to yourself and your ideas and how to go about doing this.
  • Why it’s extremely important to love ourselves
  • How to transform a challenge into an opportunity
  • How she and her husband are starting a movement helping people to develop with transformational training
  • And much more

Now, listen to this stimulating conversation with Nadia Mensah-Acogny.


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