It’s only by getting in touch with your mortality that you really discover your humanity.

Today I am discussing with Jazz Rasool, Researcher at Ravensbourne College in London, a well-known training centre where the likes of David Bowie or Stella McCartney studied. He is working in advancing the use of Multimedia, Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education.

Jazz is also the creator of Atmascope, a ‘Resonance Engine’, that enables people to discover their purpose. He began this work with Unilever in 2004, providing a Health & Wellbeing experience for Global Directors during their Rebranding programme.

I’ve known Jazz for more than a decade now, when I’ve learnt his system at the time called Energy Diamond and I was part of a team of coaches to work on hundreds of case studies to help people create momentum in their life.

What I liked is that his system merged western and eastern philosophies to uncover deeper Intentions vs interests, Priorities rather than preferences and look at our Being rather than our behaviours. Jazz also provides coaching, mentoring and Executive presentations to stimulate creativity in individuals, teams and organisations.

In our conversation, Jazz shared how he was determined to become an astronaut and ended up studying Mind Body medicine. He also shares how he became homeless and being close to death and what that taught him.

He explains where his deep desire to help people improve their well-being and make a difference come from. He offers a simple yet powerful method to identify what drains us out of energy in life and how to take control to change it – as well as practical steps to turn values into valuables to become successful.

Jazz believes that true compassion helps people discover the truth that brings them life as opposed to disable them! This conversation is really deep and insightful as I was expecting; anytime I have a conversation with Jazz, I have a new level of understanding and I am sure you will too.

Key points discussed 

  • The three core elements that bring life to people and a simple exercise to discover your real purpose and keep momentum in your life
  • The hard way that he learnt that you can end up failing life if you fail to collaborate with others and why helping others to help each other became the focus of his work.
  • How to see money as a resource amongst others and learn to attract the others to create a virtuous circle
  • The profound impact that an encounter with a young Syrian refugee in Jordan made on him
  • And much more

Now, listen to this insightful conversation with Jazz Rasool.


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