Meaning in life comes through you.

Today, I am discussing with Akhtar Badshah, former Senior Director of Microsoft Citizenship and Public Affairs, an expert on social impact, philanthropy, CSR and international development but also an author and artist. Akhtar is the founder and Chief Catalyst of Catalytic Innovators Group a consulting practice focused on accelerating social impact. He teaches at the University of Washington, School of Business and Evans School of Public Policy and Governance.

This conversation as you will find out is very different from my previous conversations. It is a unique, contrarian and refreshing, sometimes hilarious but profoundly deep conversation. He doesn’t do things like others and prefers to live an unstructured life! 

Akhtar believes that we should be unreasonable in life but also a learner.

Key points discussed 

  • Akhtar explains how he became a Philanthropist after a high flying career.
  • How he moved out of a middle-class India to explore the world and the circumstances that shaped his vision of the world
  • Why meaning in life comes through you and how to make time to do what is important to you now
  • A valuable framework with the Six Cs to live a successful life
  • What it really means to have passion vs compassion
  • And so much more

Sit down, relax and really pay attention to this ground-breaking conversation with Akhtar Badshash. Let’s dive in!


  • Trust yourself!

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