Where you start is nowhere near where you’re going to end up. 

Today, I have the great pleasure to have a conversation with Tanya Tarr, Vice President at advantage SPRING, Forbes Contributor & Negotiation Strategist.
A former politician turned negotiation coach and entrepreneur, Tanya has interviewed hundreds of women executives from different representations in power writing for Forbes. She shares some great insights from her experience of what it takes to do meaningful work and live a meaningful life.

Key points discussed 

  • To find your purpose you have to be willing to have a frank and difficult conversation to have with yourself. It may be easier to ask what is the problem that I want to solve in the world? Her guiding star.
  • How her multicultural background and experience shaped her curiosity about the world (she is half Korean-half Brazilian and spoke four different languages at home: English, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish)
  • Tips to become good a master negotiator  
  • Why she decided to leave the not for profit world, having spent years promoting other people causes to transition into the business world
  • Some powerful questions you should ask yourself to do what we’re passionate about and get paid for it
  • Why doing what you love as a job can cease to become a passion and how to go about solving this dilemma
  • Why trusting your gut and instincts early in life and believing in yourself should be your north star?

Well, why don’t you just listen to my conversation with Tanya Tarr to learn much more?


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