Where you start is nowhere near where you’re going to end up. 

I have the great pleasure to start the Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast with Courtney Kirschbaum, Founder and CEO of Job Hunt School, award-winning keynote and TEDx Speaker.

Courtney is on a mission to build a movement of entrepreneurial job seekers who know their value and want to find their place. She wants to be remembered as a liberator who won’t judge others just because they decide to take their freedom. We are trapped by preconceived notions,  by ignorance, by shame and it is so easy to provide knowledge and encouragement and liberate a person she says. Her greatest power is to believe in people before they believe in themselves.

Key points discussed 

  • The 3 most important factors to take into consideration when seeking new opportunities
  • Why living in truth is the way for a more meaningful work and meaningful life
  • Why she is passionate about helping job seekers and getting them to see their value
  • Hard lessons learnt from challenging situations and why quitting should never be an option
  • Why many people are underpaid in the workforce and how she’s able to increase her clients’ salaries by more than 50%
  • The importance to know your value and asking for what you want with confidence
  • How you can always make different choices, get the education and the knowledge you need to reposition yourself

You really don’t want to miss the gems shared by Courtney whether you are a job seeker or just looking to do a more meaningful work. 


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